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MACKIE 3208 Analog Mixer OCCASION

MACKIE 3208 Analog Mixer OCCASION


Analoge 32 kanaals mixer Mackie Analog 8•Bus Series mixers are the most successful in-line recording consoles ever made. They have tracked more platinum albums and major motion picture soundtracks than any other mixers in their class. Since its release in 1993, the 8•Bus Series has consistently set the standard for both affordability and feature set in 8-bus consoles. They have never been equaled for sound quality and are legendary for their performance and reliability.


Ultra-quiet and flexible, the Mackie 8•Bus is the definitive 8•bus console, used by more artists, groups, composers, and production facilities than any other brand. Designed to eliminate the last barrier between you and your creativity-the 32•8 mixer can hold its own against significantly higher priced consoles.


The 8•Bus Series' Mix B feature makes foldback monitor mixing (aka monitoring tracks from your recorder) a breeze. Other common uses include mix creation from tape while recording, feeds for additional studio headphone mixes, additional quick live mixdowns and recordings, etc. And dedicated talkback and dual phones level controls make communicating with the talent a snap. The Mix B section also features a Split switch, which splits the channel EQ between Mix B and the main channel signal. This can be really handy when you need to tweak the Mix B signal to your liking.



FEATURES: 32-Channel 8-Bus Analog Recording Console

Mackie's ultra-quiet, high headroom mic preamps on every channel (with phantom power for use with condenser mics)

Loads of outputs for easy multitracking

True 8-bus operation

100mm log-taper faders for consistently smooth fades

EQ: Full parametric Hi-Mid w/separate band center & "Q" controls, swept Lo-Mid, and Hi & Lo shelving EQ

Low Cut Filter (18dB/octave @ 75Hz) on every channel

6 stereo (2 assignable) Aux Returns

Extensive routing capabilities

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